Please read a selection of messages which were written in the guest book in our dining room. We stopped updating the comments on the website a while ago - it's not because people have stopped writing kind comments about us - we've just been enjoying life away from the laptop!

22/10/17 M.T. from Seattle, USA  Wonderful. Could not have been better!

18/10/17 P. & Y. H. from Bury St.Edmunds  Home from home

15/10/17 P. & J. W. from Crawley, Sussex  Hu sband is petrol head and wife Jane running show - a great combination. We love you both, great stay and a stepping stone to a place in the sun in Spain!

5/10/17 M. & D. from Sandown, Isle of Wight As always, such a pleasure to come. Much love, blessings

4/10/17 M. from Oxfordshire A lovely stay as always, thankyou

11/9/17  M.C. from Swanage, Dorset Nice room and good food and very welcoming

10/9/17  C.D. and F.D. from Scottish Borders Faultless hospitality. Many thanks!

19/8/17  P. and R D.R from Flanders  Nice and friendly people and delicious breakfast. Recommended!

16/5/17 S. and J from Perth WA  Thankyou. It was lovely staying in your beautiful home.

April 17 M.C. from Budapest, Hungary Moved here from another B&B out of necessity but it turned out to be a great change. Eric and Jane were very kind, almost felt like a family member. Thanks for everything. I hope I can see you again! 

22/1/17 S.J. from Mumbai, India It's "the" place to stay as the hosts are extremely hospitable and friendly - love them. 

01/01/2017  B.O. from London   Ideal place to relax after performances at the theatre.

23/12/2016  D.M. from Devon   Much more relaxing than hotel - thankyou.

20/12/2016  J.M. from Co. Antrim, Ireland   My '5-star' guest house!Had a lovely time - very friendly and helpful. Will stay again.

8/12/2016  C.L. from Cardiff   Have been here for work - have been made to feel very welcome - lovely people.

22/9/16   A.H. and D.H  from South Africa   A very pleasant stay - convenient and friendly. Highly recommended!

22/9 / 16  M.C. from Kings Lynn    An excellent base for visiting old haunts. Clean and comfortable, good shower and first class breakfast. Charming hosts - wonderful stay.

28/8/15 S.M. from Basingstoke   Lovely, comfortable stay. I now know where to book when I next stay in Horsham.

24/7/15 T.C from Melbourne, Australia. Best place to stay if visiting UK. Amazing people, amazing service. Made me want to stay. Not a B&B, more like a family. I'm back next year.

4/7/15 R.K and G.P. from Budapest, Hungary. Thankyou for your kindness, for the lovely breakfasts, for all your help and for the amazing classic cars experience. Everything was so welcoming.

22/6/15 T.D from Blaye, France. Super, super, super.

30/5/15 M.S. from Berlin, Germany. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

10/5/15 E.S. from Stadsbygad, Norway. It's been great staying with you. Thankyou.

27/4/15 P.C. from Harare, Zimbabwe Made to feel so welcome by Jane and Eric. Room comfortable, delicious breakfasts. Bus route to town handy. Jane most helpful and kind.

11/4/15 A.J. from Bury, Lancashire Thankyou very much, very welcoming family atmosphere.

25/1/15 J.S from Eastcombe, Gloucs. A very comfortable night. We were made most welcome.

8/11/14 R.R. from India Did not miss home as much as I would have if I had been anywhere else. Thank you Jane!

3/11/14 J.E. from Neath, West Glamorgan Cordial welcome. Beautiful home. Lovely people - many thanks!

26/9/14 M.W. from Canada A veritable port in a storm!

11/9/14 A.Y. from Japan I'm really comfortable. They are very kind. I want to come here again. I'm glad to see you. thank you very much.

26/7/14  E.F. from Frome, Somerset Most comfortable and friendly. Thankyou

12/7/14  T&C D. from Chiswick, London Very comfortable and friendly. Great breakfast

11/7/14  S.F. from Brighton Great hospitality

29/6/14  L.F. from Glasgow Great hospitality, be back again

14/6/14  G & B from Adelaide,  Australia   Very friendly and helpful - will recommend.

30/5/14 H. E.  from Melboune, Australia   A very comfortable stay I hope to be able to come back again.

2/5/ 14  Dane (polo boy) South Africa. Thank you for a lovely stay, BREAKFAST WAS DELICIOUS

2/5/2014 F.  from  Casblanca Thank you for everything I hope to come back.

29/4/14  M. S. from Chinnor  Oxfordshire.  Had a lovely home from home stay.

25/4/14  J B  from  Kent   Had a fantastic stay

23 /4/14  Morley from Whitney Oxfordshire    I have had a lovely stay. Thank You

16/4/14 D B from Wakefield   Ex Norvatis   Nice and Friendly

14/4/14  T C from Woodford  Essex    Thank you for a warm welcome and a good rest

30/3/14  H M from Basle  Switzerland   Many thanks for a wonderful stay.  I hope to see you once again. With Love  H

21/3/14  S L from  Ireland    Thanks for the hospitally, its a real nice welcoming place to stay. Many thanks for the wonderful stay

 20/3/14 P & J F  from Bradford   Superb stay as usual. Excellent hospitality

 16/3/14 D & A R   from Lincoln  Excellent, we had alovely stay , Thank You.

29/2/14  G R from Edinburgh     Thank you for making it home from home during my years stay with you. I will miss the big breakfasts and our chats.        

14 /2/14   R D from  County Cork, Ireland  On my first time workimg away from home it was great to find somewhere to stay that was homely and looked after me so well. Thank you Jane and Family 

9/2/14   R K  from Leicester.  Very comfortable stay for my reunion at Christs Hospital

9/2/14   R Y from Worcester   Thanks for a pleasent stay for my reunion at Christs Hospital

26/1/14  G&L Hall   Many thanks for the early check in, very cosy room & and a lovely breakfast;  Excellent stay 

31/12/13  E & M from  Paignton, Devon. Superior guest house: good food, good bed, good hosts- how it should be !

13/12/13  G S  from Trinidad & Tobago   I really enjoyed my stay here.

12/12/13 M.J. from Newcastle - Arrived in August 2013 and enjoyed it so much at this home from home that I didn't leave until December 2013!

3/12/13  Morley from Witney, Oxon - A lovey stay as usual. Many thanks.

1/12/13 A.H. from Tooting, London - Thank you so much for having me in your lovely house.

28/11/13 C.V. from Bucharest, Romania - A lovely guest house, nice and warm, welcoming people. Thanks for the time spent here. I'll always like to come back.

04/09/13 L.S and L.S from Bilbao, Spain - Lovely family and house. / I've loved house.

30/8/13 G.C from Bristol - Very comfortable stay, was well looked after.

3/8/13 R.C and D.C  from Cape Town, South Africa - Lovely, peaceful stay, thankyou

25/7/13 L.W., C.W., D.W. and C.W from Bremen, Germany - Very, very nice English breakfast and baked beans and rooms!

14/7/13 M.G and J.H. from Hatfield, Yorkshire -  Very nice stay, homely surroundings

12/5/13 J.J. and F.B. from San Francisco, USA - Very pleasant and warm stay. Felt like home!

5/5/13 A.S. from Madrid, Spain - Warm welcome, very kind and always very helpful. Thankyou very much!

26/4/13 A.D. from Capetown, South Africa - A wonderful 5 years (of visits), what am I going to do without my UK family!

12/4/12 R.S. from Haverhill, Suffolk - Home from home - great breakfasts.

30/3/13 M.C. from somewhere unpronounceable in the Netherlands - Wonderful place to stay - excellent

7 /3/13 P.O. from Baltimore, USA - Wonderful place to stay, made my visit very relaxing - could not be happier.

10/2/13 S&A. W. from Kimberly, Notts - Another very pleasant stay - thankyou for your hospitality.

13/10/12 P&C. G from Mansfield, Notts - Lovely room, made to feel very welcome, would definitely come back.

29/9/12 E.A. from Pennsylvania, USA - Definitely a top-shelf place to stay! Would surely come again if in Horsham.

10/9/12 B.H. from Collie, Western Australia - Best B&B in Horsham, if not UK! Many thanks Jane and Eric

1/9/12 J&B.M from Huddersfield - Thankyou for your kind hospitality - we've had a lovely stay.

9/8/12 A.W. from Japan - Thank you very much for the warm and kind hospitality - really had a wonderful time here - enjoyed your 'breakies' a lot!

23/7/12 K.S. from The Netherlands - Lovely, very lovely stay in a beautiful house with very friendly and kind people. Thankyou for everything.

20/7/12 A.P.T from Clevedon, Somerset - A lovely stay, wlecoming and friendly, super food!

15/7/12 M.S from Perth, Western Australia - Lovely sat, everything we needed.

25/6/12 'The Famous Five' - Bob, Fran, May, Sadie and Millie from Colchester, UK - Yummy food! Cosy beds! Lovely garden!

4/6/12 C., B. and M. from Worcester, Australia - Fantastic stay, lovely hospitality, would definitely return.

26/5/12 C.E. from Horsham - Nice, typical English home. Thanks for the stay.

23/04/12 E.B & B.W from Norwich - Very homely and welcoming.

20/3/12 B.S. from Stoke-on-Trent - A lovely restful stay, thankyou for your kindness.

15/3/12 T.C. from France - Superb breakfasts, warm welcome, lovely stay! A bientôt!

18/2/12 C.L. from Kent - Thankyou. What a beautiful , peaceful haven.

30/10/11 C.A. from Salt Lake City, USA - Thankyou both so much, I will never forget thi place.

20/8/11 G.R. from Joue Les Tours, France - Very nice stay. Thankyou so much for your welcome. 

20/8/11 R.D. from Bucharest, Romania - Thankyou very much. Lovely to be back in Horsham and revisit the 'Rising Fives' house.

15/8/11  P.S. from Worcestershire - We were going to the Metropole, Brighton, we made a good choice staying with you. We'll remember for next time.

12/8/11  C.D. from Schresksbach, Germany - Lodging in The Larches was my ray of hope during my stay in Horsham! 

11/8/11  B.H. from Collie, Western Australia - Once again an impeccable standard of hospitality. Thanks Jane, Eric and Richard.

22/7/11  R.D. from Saint Etiennne de Montluc, France - Unforgettable time with wonderful people and very helpful. Hope to come back one day!

3/7/11  A.P. from Waltham Chase, Hampshire, England - Very comfortable, lovely warm hosts. Perfect! 

30/6/11  S.M. from Eastleigh, Hampshire, England - Thanks for your lovely hospitality. It's been like a second home for the past 5 years. I'll miss the poached eggs!

29/05/11 D.R. from Paris, France - L'hospitalite anglaise comme on l'aime! Thankyou.

06/05/11 M.W.  from Stockholm, Sweden - Excellent stay!! good breakfast, lovely hosts and beautiful house. We will definitely recommend you to our friends. Thankyou from Sweden!

15/04/11  A.W.  from Berkshire - Lovely stay, friendly people.

09/04/11   Z.J. from Aleppo, Syria - Home from home, warm hospitality. Shall come again, thanks.

11/03/11  D.P. from Plainsboro, USA - Breakfast was as great as it was 13 years ago when we were last here.

26/02/11  E.C. from Leicestershire - Thankyou for making us comfortable and welcome - as always.

30/01/11 M.M from London - Whenever I am in Horsham I will always come here!! Lovely B&B, lovely family.

30/ 01/11 D.T from New Zealand -A little gem, 'toastie', warm.

18/12/10 D.B  from Malaysia  -  It is very comfortable and snug, the hospitality is wonderful, it's perfect friends and relax. Thankyou.

19/09/10  I.S. from Plzen, Czech Republic - We had a lovely stay during Goodwood Revival Meeting. Looking forward to coming again next year.

17/09/10  T.T from Isle of Wight  - Lovely stay, would definitely come again. 

04/07/70 J.S. from Norfolk - A wonderful 'find'. Bed and breakfast could not have been better.

02/07/2010  J.M. from North Wales - I had a lovely stay, room was very comfortable and breakfast was delicious!

24/06/2010 M.S. from Berlin- Friendly and helpful hosts, a wonderful room. Thankyou very much.

19/06/2010 Y.R. from Worcester - Like being at home, but with better food. Thankyou.

30/5/2010 J.B. from Driffield, Yorkshire - Slept better than in a long time, great hospitality

25/5/2010  W.E. from Estepona, Spain - Once again we have enjoyed our comfortable accomodation at The Larches. Thankyou Mr and Mrs Lane for your kind care and attention.




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