House History

Our house is included in the Horsham Town Local List. This list, compiled in February 2011 by Horsham District Council is made up of buildings 'with historic character or architectural asociations which are particular to Horsham town'. We are the only local Bed and Breakfast or Guest House to be included in this list, which can be found online at

We have done some research on the history of the house, and have even had previous occupants come to stay.

1901 Map

The parcel of land on which the house would be built was sold in March 1893 to the builder C. Rowland. He paid £420 but then in 1901 he sold the land for £250 to another builder G. Sharp. In 1904 he mortgaged the land and house on it, known as 'Bedales' and then occupied by the Reverend Francis Thompson to Edith Harris for £900. 

In 1919 the land and the house, now known as 'The Larches' was sold to a dental surgeon, Mr H Collyer for £1800. Nineteen years later Frank Bassett, a chemical and mechanical engineer bought 'The Larches' from the estate of Mr and Mrs Collyer for just £1030. He sold the property to Mr and Mrs Turner in 1964. They sold the bottom of the garden in 1973 to the company building Northdown Close and then sold the property to us in June 1978 for £41,500.

 About 1978, with Ford Prefect

While our family was growing up here we used some of the downstairs for a pre-school teaching group called 'Rising Fives'. Over approximately 20 years hundreds of children enjoyed learning and playing here and received a solid foundation to their education.

 Rising Fives Children and Staff

 Rising Fives with Raquel and David

Rising Fives with Judy and David

Our sons in 1980         

 We have now been providing Bed and Breakfast for nearly 20 years, which has meant that the house has always been maintained to a high standard, whilst we have also been able to improve the facilities by making some rooms ensuite.

We are proud of the role the house has played in the local community, though Rising Fives and as a guest house that has received visitors from all over the UK and from many other counties, some here to work, to study, to visit family, some touring, some returning to Horsham, some settling here, but all made very welcome.